international calling cards Choosing the Right Calling CardThere are many reasons why people need to buy and use calling cards or phone cards. First, it is a cost-effective way to make international phone calls. Second, calling card enables users to make calls while on the go in which there’s no service from phone service provider. That’s it. Thus, do you want to use calling card as well? Read More →

container truck Don’t Forget to Bring These When Driving a Container TruckDriving a container truck you are highly recommended to put fully concentration because this vehicle is vulnerable to slip, especially if you have to brake on this truck in hurry. You are also required to have good endurance when sending goods to another city. Besides, don’t forget to bring several things below so you can reach your destination city safely: Read More →

T Mobile Concord T Mobile Concord: 3.5 Inches SmartphoneAre you a Bayer Munich’s fan? If you are, you definitely know that Bayer Munich is sponsored by T-Mobile which is a smartphone vendor comes from German. This vendor is quite popular although it is unable to compete with bigger competitors, such as: Samsung, Apple, HTC, Nokia, Sony, etc. Nevertheless, T-Mobile succeeded to launch a smartphone on August 24th 2012, named T-Mobile Concord. Read More →

HTC X+ HTC X+: A High End HTC’s SmartphoneAre you a HTC’s smartphone lover? If you are, have you ever heard about HTC X+? If you have not, this is one of high-end HTC’s smartphone that was announced in October 2012 and launched in November 2012. Similar to other HTC’s smartphones, HTC X+ has a slim and elegant design. HTC provides this device in stealth black and polar white. Read More →

HTC Tiara HTC TiaraHTC is a Taiwanese smartphones and tablets manufacturer that continues producing new smartphones to compete with other competitors, such as: Samsung, Apple, Nokia, Sony, and many more. After announcing its newest HTC’s high-end class smartphone, named HTC M7 or HTC One on February 19th 2013, this smartphone vendor promises to be more aggressive in penetrating market by producing a new and powerful smartphone, named HTC Tiara that will use Windows Phone 8 as its operating system. Read More →

Stealth Extreme Power LC 480 Stealth Extreme Power LC 480: A Powerful Mini PC Basically, powerful personal computer’s specifications are entered big and full cashing (like common PC in the marketplace), right? Nevertheless, there is a personal computer that is equipped with powerful specification has small size (mini design), called Stealth Extreme Power LC-480. Read More →

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini 2 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (2)Being powered by a lithium ion rechargeable battery Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini can survive for up to 7 hours in talking mode, up to 300 hours in standby mode, and up to 40 hours in music play mode. Unfortunately, the battery capacity’s information is still unknown. Read More →

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Samsung Galaxy S4 MiniAfter announcing Samsung Galaxy S 4 on February 14th 2013 formally, Samsung is reported to produce Samsung Galaxy S 4 Mini. This report is revealed after SamMobile site leaks pictures of this smartphone to public on March 22nd 2013. Design of this smartphone is similar but it is equipped with different specifications. For more information, read information below: Read More →

Nokia’s Symbian Phones 2 Five Most Legendary Nokia’s Symbian Phones(2)This mobile phone’s body was covered by metal and designed slimly. There was comfortable QWERTY keyboard, quick bowser, and built-in Microsoft Exchange. At that time, Nokia E71 was favored by businessmen. Besides, it was a strong rival of Blackberry that was popular at that moment. Read More →

Nokia’s Symbian Phones Five Most Legendary Nokia’s Symbian PhonesSymbian phone ever dominate mobile phone market when Nokia was still in its glory period. Nevertheless, mobile phone users have to say good bye to Symbian which is a legendary operating system. Read More →